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Plastic Polymers are a type of substance or element which includes synthetic or semi-synthetic polymerization products. They are formed from organic condensation or the addition of polymers and can also consist of other substances to improve performance or economy. There are several natural polymers including plastics. Plastics can be formed into films or synthetic fibers. This name stems from the fact that many of them are "malleable", owning certain property. Plastics are designed with very many variations in properties that can tolerate heat, hardness, "reliency" and others. Combined with its adaptability, general composition and light weight ensure that plastics are used in almost all industrial fields.

Supplier Bahan Industri

Sumber Abadi merupakan supplier bahan industri terbesar di Indonesia, bahan industri yang Kami jual merupakan produk yang berkualitas dan harga bahan industri yang Kami tawarakan relatif lebih murah dari pasaran.

Jual Plat Aluminium

Sumber Abadi menjual berbagai macam tipe dan ukuran plat aluminium. Produk plat aluminium yang Kami jual sudah di jamin memiliki kuliatas bagus dan harga yang terjangkau.

Distributor Bahan Industri

Sumber Abadi menjual berbagai macam bahan industri seperti Asbestos Cloth, Transparant Silicone Rubber Sheet, Asbestos Packing, Asbestos Tape, Tirai Pvc dan banyak lagi.

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